Predictit Arbitrage Helper


This calculator helps you find the market on predictit that have arbitrage opportunities. It can find the most profitable markets, and computes the optimal number of shares of NO to buy in each contract. For more details, please checkout the video.


  • market id can be read directly for the url of the market:
  • You can manually change the number of shares in the table below to see how you profit will change.


Or enter market id manually

Current Market: {{market_title}}

Time since update: {{time_since_update}}
Name Price # of Shares
{{item.contractName}} {{item.bestNoPrice * 100}}c

Investment Worst Case Return Minimum Profit
${{ calculated_investment | round }} ${{ calculated_worst_payoff | round }} $ {{ calculated_min_payoff | round }}

Other profitable markets you might be interested in. (If this table is empty, click on "Get Most Profitable Markets" button above.)
Top Markets Profit
{{ item.market_id }} {{ item.profit.profit | round }}